Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blogland Secret Santa Exchange 2011

Welcome to the Blogland Secret Santa Exchange 2011!

What is Blogland Secret Santa Exchange 2011?

The Secret Santa Exchange is an exchanging of stories and poems between blog-goers as Christmas (or other holiday) gifts.

How does the Exchange work?

Signup for the Exchange will run from 30 October, 2011 to 30 November, 2011. To sign up, you must include your blog name, your e-mail address, and links to any of your blogs that you believe are relevant, and/or a link to your OC's page on Bio-Rama. If you do not wish to share your e-mail address publicly, please send the form by e-mail to

Signup will be closed after 30 November. On 1 December, 2011, a list will be posted of all Secret Santa Exchange participants. This is also the day that e-mails will be sent to all participants, containing their giftee's name and blog link, assigned in a randomized process too technical to explain. I can tell you, however, that it involves a bowl and some slips of paper with people's names on them. This is when you should get serious about writing.

On 24 December, 2011, a post will be made on this blog. At any time on 25 December, 2011, participants in the Exchange will post their story or poem on their own blog, then post a link and the intended recipient's blog name in the comment section. This will conclude Blogland Secret Santa Exchange 2011.

After all stories and poems have been submitted, a list, complete with authors and recipients, will be compiled on this blog.

What if I can't post on Christmas?

If you cannot post on Christmas, please send an e-mail to telling when you are able to post. An e-mail will be sent to your giftee, telling them when they will receive their story or poem.

What if I don't celebrate Christmas?

If you don't celebrate Christmas, think of this a a generic holiday, or just-because, gift exchange. :-)

What are the requirements for a story or poem?

The only requirements for your writing are these:

  • Please keep submissions age-appropriate. If Derek wouldn't put it in a book, you shouldn't put it in a gift.
  • If you are writing a fic, please either keep it SP-verse (preferably without Death Bringer spoilers) or make it OC-focused. Please refrain from writing about other fandoms unless you're positive that your giftee is a fan.

Other than that, there are no rules. Your gift can be serious, funny, or just plain strange. Just make sure to have fun writing, and keep your identity a secret until Christmas.

What if I change my mind about participating?

You can pull out after signing up, at any time between 1 November, 2011 and 19 December, 2011. If you pull out between 1 December and 19 December, your recipient's gift will be taken over by event coordinator Everisse Eterna.

If you have any questions about the Exchange, please send them to Everisse at  If you have a question for your recipient, Everisse will forward them anonymously.

Have fun, and happy holidays! Please link as many people to this as you can!



  1. Flame Phoenix
    And I cant do links on my iPod... I don't have a biorama page...

  2. NJ Maverick
    I'm not on Biorama either
    My OC is on My Blog of Fantasy and More

  3. My page is on BioRama, but I'm not giving out my Email adress. Sorry.

  4. This is an awesome idea :D

    Ok, um

  5. Cooooooooooolllll!!!!

    March (Blogger Profile Mar-Chu, OC March Pathway)


  7. Count me in! No bio-Rama, though, I hope that's not a problem.

    Blog: Random Thinkerings
    ...that's my only blog, so yeah.

    Also... um, it says that we have to post on 25 December, 2012. Please say that's a typo...? :)

  8. Nope, that's not a problem, OC bios are optional.

    Derp, typo fixed!

  9. Totally want to do this.

    Blogs that tis be relevant:

    I need to redo my bio. I'll post a link when I get it done.

  10. K, I'm in.

    It's also customary for recipients to provide a list of what kinds of things they like, to give the writer some ideas if they need them.

    Ev - our relationship is like... nm. Will mail you. :-P

  11. Flame: We're up to eight or nine, now! Remember, everybody, link this on Derek's or your own blog, if you can!

  12. Blog: writers ramblings
    Not on bio-rama
    My OC's are pn my blog... I'll give you the link to their descriptions....

  13. sure, I'll go for it! - actual fic... - usual blog.

    OC is on biorama, as Venice Rain.

    email is emailed to you!

  14. Octaboona Ambrosius (Octa)

    Blogs: The Blog of A Thousand Words

    The Science of Darkness


    Bio-rama Page:

    This idea is brilliant!

  15. yay! this is wonderful and I'm exciteeedddddd.

    and my OC is on biorama. :)

  16. oops, forgot email.

  17. Awww!!! epic EV!! brill idea!!

    Rachel McCoach! (proud scot ;) )
    i am on bio rama! :P
    relevent blog: rachels anything goes :)

  18. Author-To-Be (ATB)
    Pleading Insanity

    Blog is not entirely relevant, but it is mine. And I don't have a bio-rama, whatever that is...

  19. Yay I figured out how to do it!

    Arianna Hecate Dark
    The blog isn't really about anything particular...(I use my tumblr more)